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Welcome to ActivePerl, the most complete perl package available for the Win32 platform. ActivePerl contains Perl for Win32, PerlScript, Perl for ISAPI, PerlEZ, the Perl Package Manager (for installing packages of CPAN modules), and complete online help.

Online Help Contents

ActivePerl Docs

ActivePerl Readme
Contains up to the minute release information about ActivePerl.
ActivePerl Release Notes
Version histories, what's changed in perl since the early stages of the 500 series of ActivePerl, and what's changed since the 300 series of Perl for Win32.
ActivePerl Install Notes
Installation notes.
ActivePerl Directory Structure
The ActivePerl directory structure has been simplified to resemble previous versions of Perl for Win32. This document also contains instructions on how to set up the /site directory to suit special types of installations.
Installing Modules
Want to install a module such as Tk or GD? Need libnet so you can use ActivePerl to check your email? Here's how it's done.
PPM and Firewalls
Are you having trouble installing modules from behind a firewall through a proxy? This document shows how. It also tells how to download packages directly via HTTP to store them in a local repository, so you can use them on a machine with no internet connection, or on networked machines without having to download the modules for each install.

Perl Documentation

Perl for Win32 FAQ
This series of documents contains Frequently Asked Questions that many Perl users have, and their answers. This FAQ is specifically written for Perl for Win32, and covers everything from how to install perl to how to set up perl on your webserver to help on Perl modules and examples.
Core Perl FAQ
This is the original Frequently Asked Questions document that comes with core perl.
Perl Documentation
This is the exhaustive (i.e., huge) documentation that comes with Perl, and is the official language reference for the Perl language.
Module Documentation
ActivePerl comes with complete documentation for all of the modules available. This section of the table of contents on the left shows the modules available and currently installed in your ActivePerl installation. Site specific libraries are included in this listing.

Note: as you install modules with PPM, the help automatically gets updated and the new libraries are added to this index.


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