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HostPrint Administration Guide

About This Guide
Who Should Read This Guide
Content Overview
Typographic Conventions
Symbolic Conventions
Novell Host Connectivity Home Page
IBM eNetwork Communications Server Home Page

1 Getting Started

IntranetWare HostPrint Overview
IntranetWare HostPrint Installation and
Configuration Overview
Preinstallation Checklist
What's Next?

2 Installing IntranetWare HostPrint

Software Requirements
Setting Up the Installation Software
Setting Up to Install from a DOS Partition
Using the DOS Partition of the Hard Disk Drive
Using the CD-ROM as the DOS Partition
Setting Up to Install from a NetWare Volume
Using the NetWare Partition of the Hard Disk Drive
Using the CD-ROM Configured as a NetWare Volume
Setting Up to Install from a Remote NetWare Server
Handling SPX Disconnection During Remote Installation from CD-ROM
Installing the IntranetWare HostPrint Files
Before You Begin
Verifying Whether COMMEXEC and Any Protocol Stacks Are Loaded
Understanding User and Object Rights
Installing the Software-Step-by-step
Installing the HostPrint Print Device Utility
Uninstalling IntranetWare HostPrint
What's Next?

3 Defining Print Devices for IntranetWare HostPrint

Starting HPDEFW
Connecting to a HostPrint Server
Defining IntranetWare HostPrint Print Devices
Editing a Print Device
Copying a Print Device Definition
Creating a New Print Device Definition
Deleting a Defined Print Device
Exiting HPDEFW
What's Next?

4 Creating Print Job Configurations for IntranetWare HostPrint

Creating a Print Job Configuration
What's Next?

5 Configuring IntranetWare HostPrint Printer Sessions

Configuring a HostPrint Session
Configuring HostPrint on NWSAA 2.2
Configuring HostPrint on IWSAA 3.0 or NWSAA 4.0
Deassigning an LU from IntranetWare HostPrint
What's Next?

6 Starting IntranetWare HostPrint

Loading IntranetWare HostPrint Automatically
Loading IntranetWare HostPrint Manually
What's Next?

7 Managing IntranetWare HostPrint Sessions Using SSM

Accessing the HostPrint Window
Using the IntranetWare HostPrint Display Filter
Updating IntranetWare HostPrint Data
Controlling IntranetWare HostPrint Sessions
Changing Print Job Configurations
Canceling Print Jobs
Resetting a Printer
Sending a Program Attention Signal to Host Applications
Reconfiguring Print Format
Capturing Print Jobs to Files
Host Applications and Reconnection

A Migrating from HostPrint 1.x to HostPrint 2.0

Migrating Step-by-step

B Differences Between HostPrint 1.x and HostPrint 2.0

C Bindery Reference Queues

Defining a Bindery Reference Queue

D Using the HPOBJECT Utility

Using HPOBJECT to Define Special Objects
Using HPOBJECT to Delete Special Objects

E Changing Printer Characters

ECPnnn.XLT Files
ACPnnn.XLT Files
Editing .XLT Files
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

F IntranetWare HostPrint Exit Routines

Using IntranetWare HostPrint Exit Routines
How to Use the HPESC.NLM Sample Exit Routine
How to Use the HPNIBBLE.NLM Sample Exit Routine
Coding IntranetWare HostPrint Exit Routines
Exit Routine Interface Specifications
Start of Job Exit Function
ASCII Data Exit Function
End of Job Exit Function

G Using the License Management Utility

HostPrint User Licensing
Starting and Exiting the License Management Utility
Adding User Licenses
Deleting User Licenses
Viewing License Diskette Information

H IntranetWare HostPrint Messages




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