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Starting IntranetWare HostPrint

After you have installed the IntranetWare HostPrint program files, defined the HostPrint print devices, created HostPrint print job configurations, and mapped those print job configurations to IWSAA LUs, you can then start the HostPrint program on the IWSAA server using the LOAD command.

Loading IntranetWare HostPrint Automatically

You can start HostPrint automatically by inserting the following command statement in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file:


HostPrint is loaded on the IWSAA server.

Loading IntranetWare HostPrint Manually

To manually start HostPrint, do the following:

1. Display the NetWare system console prompt ( : ).
If the NetWare system console prompt is not displayed, press <Alt+Esc> to page through the server screens until it is displayed.
2. Start COMMEXEC.
To start HostPrint, COMMEXEC must be running.
Enter the following command at the NetWare system console prompt:
3. Load IWSAA.
At the NetWare system console prompt, enter:
4. If necessary, activate the link(s) required for HostPrint by entering the following from the NetWare system prompt:
Then select the appropriate CSSTATUS option to active the links HostPrint requires.
You must activate the links that support HostPrint sessions before loading HostPrint. HostPrint does not dynamically access links that are activated after you load HostPrint.

For NWSAA 2.2, you must enable Host PU profiles that support HostPrint sessions before loading HostPrint. HostPrint does not dynamically access profiles that are enabled after it is loaded.

5. From the NetWare system prompt, enter the following command:
load hostprt
A series of messages appears on the console screen indicating which host printer sessions have successfully initialized and which have not.

What's Next?

After you have loaded HostPrint, proceed to the next chapter for information on displaying and modifying host printer sessions using IWSAA server management.

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