Network Analysis Survival Kit CD-ROM Volume 4


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Welcome to the Network Analysis Survival Kit (NASK) CD-ROM Volume 4!

Designed for the network analysis professional, highlights of the NASK include:

A high-speed full-text search engine for the CD contents is also available through a program called "CDWilbur". You may access CDWilbur from the root directory of this CD, from the "Search the NASK" button on the Launcher.exe program, or from this link to CDWilbur. You can do single word or complex boolean searching. Try searching on IPv6, TCP, SMB, NetBIOS, or whatever you'd like! Consult the Help command from the search engine for more information. Once a file is located, the file name, rank (hits), and sample text is given. You can also sort on the search results, such as by number of hits. To view a file, click on the file name to automatically bring up your browser (if the extension is .htm or .html) or NotePad/WordPad (if the extension is .txt).

When on-line, please visit the WildPackets website for up-to-date network analysis information, products, and services. Our professional services include WildPackets Academy with expert professional instructors teaching the fine art of network and protocol analysis with hands-on labs. You may also be interested in our Product Offerings to get better performance out of your existing network infrastructure by helping you detect and solve network problems. In addition, check out our Support Area where we have compiled a useful list of  network analysis resources with links to informative sites dealing with things such as networking standards, reference documents (e.g. dictionaries, protocol charts, white papers, etc.), working groups and so forth. Also in our Support Area are white papers, FAQs, network analysis tips and tricks, and much more.

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