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The following is the WildPackets line of network analysis products.  Click on a link to go to the corresponding product's web page. Or for a the most up to date list, visit the Products Area of the WildPackets website.

Protocol Analyzers and Analyzer Supporting Software

The "Peek" family of products provides accessible, affordable and well-supported software for ensuring the reliability of your network, e-commerce applications and Internet services.

    Our EtherPeek packet analyzer is the core product of a complete IT support system that helps you effectively manage your LANs, WANs and websites. EtherPeek's complementary and extensible tools address the evolving management requirements of high-speed and optical networking technologies, new protocol implementations, new topologies and more.

    Powerful wireless network packet analyzer for your 802.11b networks.

    Our token ring network traffic and protocol analyzer.

The following are products that extend and enhance the capabilities of your protocol analyzer.

    An intelligent, real-time website management analysis module for EtherPeek.

    Expert system that provides post capture trace file analysis by reading all popular protocol analyzer trace file formats.

    Trace file conversion utility that performs two-way convertion between all popular protocol analyzer trace file formats.

    Trace file utility with selective data removal for ensuring private or important data on your network doesn't leave your organization in a trace file.

WatchPoint Technology

WatchPoint allows users to monitor and understand their network and server traffic in terms of the Internet applications that are supported, expressing them in global, business terms. WatchPoint resides on the network, not on the server, so you don't have to choose between server monitoring and performance.

    Real-time monitoring of HTTP and FTP server performance and usage.

    WatchPoint Lite
    Full-featured shareware version of our popular WatchPoint website analysis solution.


The following are handy-dandy little apps that you can't be without when troubleshooting or administering a network. If you don't have them already, get them soon!

    Tool for route discovery, latency tests and throughput tests to remote hosts, all without require remote agents.

    A collection of menu-driven testing tools for Internet and IP-based networks including Ping, Traceroute, Whois, DNS Lookup, and others.

    Network Calculator/IP Subnet Calculator
    3-in-1 IP Subnet, Hexpert and Latency Calculators. The IP Subnet Calculator helps you learn how to subnet or implement a subnet policy. The Hexpert performs binary-decimal-hexidecimal-octal base conversion and OUI lookups. The Latency Calculator provides latency estimates over a series of different network technologies.

    The IP Subnet Calculator and Hexpert Calculator for the Palm OS. You can take this baby with you wherever you go!

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