Linux Complete Command Reference
Title:Linux Complete Command Reference
Author(s):Red Hat
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Linux Complete Command Reference will contain a number of cross references and jump tables to help the reader locate the Linux function.


Linux Configuration and Installation
Title:Linux Configuration and Installation
Author(s):Patrick Volkerding
Imprint:M&T Books
Publisher:IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.


Linux in Plain English
Title:Linux in Plain English
Author(s):Patrick Volkerding, Kevin Reichard, Eric Foster-Johnson
Imprint:M&T Books
Publisher:IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.

Finally, here is a well-organized, essential reference for the growing number of LINUXr users. This book provides instant access to the LINUX commands and concepts that LINUX users are confronted with every day. The first section contains a listing of common LINUX user tasks, in plain English, with a corresponding LINUX command. Another section cross references DOS commands with LINUX equivalents. A major portion of this handy reference is devoted to grouping LINUX commands by type. Additionally, an alphabetic cross reference exists for those times when you know exactly what LINUX command you need to use.

Includes detailed listings of all LINUX commands

Covers all of the GNU command set and the LINUX Bash Shell

Details LINUX windows manager and fvwm

Includes X commands from the LINUX X Windows System: XFree86

Covers File Manipulation, Text Processing, Printing, Internet, and FTP and System Administration


LINUX System Administrator's Survival Guide
Title:LINUX System Administrator's Survival Guide
Author(s):TIM PARKER
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

This comprehensive guide provides Linux System Administrators with all of the information they need to install the Linux System and get productive immediately.


Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Title:Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Author(s):Tim Parker
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Linux Unleashed, Third Edition, is for the user who has some experience when it comes to operating systems. It focuses on the needs of administrators, power users and programmers covering everything from managing users and groups to using the programming tools that come with Linux. Although the book isn't focused on any one distribution of Linux, where necessary it will use Red Hat Linux as a basis for it's examples.


Maximum RPM (RPM)
Title:Maximum RPM (RPM)
Author(s):Edward Bailey
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

The complete reference for the RPM software package that is the heart of the Red Hat Linux distribution. Designed for both the novice and advanced users, Maximum RPM enables anyone to take full advantage of the benefits of building software packages with the Red Hat Package management tools to ensure that they install simply and accurately each and every time.


Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition
Title:Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition
Author(s):David Pitts, et al.
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

This comprehensive reference is the only book a Linux user, programmer, or system administrator will need. The book takes the reader through installation and configuration, to advanced programming and administrating/networking the system. Through the chapters, you will: understand the similarities and differences between Red Hat Linux and UNIX; learn the correct startup and shutdown procedures to avoid damage to applications and work; configure and build your own kernels to enhance operations; connect and control printers for varied print times and locations; utilize Red Hat Linux backup and restore procedures, as well as security issues, to ensure the existence and protection of your work; include more people on your server by establishing user accounts; understand the new Common Desktop Environment; and take advantage of coverage of the top 50 Linux commands and utilities for enhanced efficiency.


Slackware Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Title:Slackware Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Author(s):Timothy Parker et al
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Slackware Linux Unleashed, Third Edition is a 32-bit version of the popular UNIX operating system. In many ways, it enhances the performance of UNIX and UNIX-based applications. Slackware is a free operating system that can be downloaded from the Internet. And because it is free, there is very little existing documentation for the product. This book fills that void and provides Slackware Linux users with the information they need to effectively run the software on their computer or network.


Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth
Title:Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth Edition
Author(s):Jack Tackett, jr.
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Continuing in the best-selling tradition of the Special Edition Using Linux series, Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth Edition, is a one-stop comprehensive reference and tutorial for users who want to install and use Linux productively. The book shows the reader how to perform essential tasks such as managing users and groups, setting up and using network services and managing their files and directories. This book updates the audience on the new features found in the most recent Red Hat, Caldera and Slackware distributions. The book also covers how to set up an Internet web server using Apache.


Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours
Title:Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours
Author(s):Bill Ball
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours is a tutorial aimed at making the Linux beginner more effective and productive users of the operating system. Most books in this category are more of a general reference in nature and are designed to cover Linux in general. Well, every Linux distribution is different - file locations can change, commands can be a little different, etc. This means the readers of those books may not find answers specific to their installation. This book will use the effective Sams Teach Yourself format to instruct the reader how to: install the operating system, configure their hardware, and effectively use the tools that come with the Red Hat distribution included on the CD-ROM.



The Linux Database
Title:The Linux Database
Author(s):Fred Butzen
Imprint:M&T Books
Publisher:IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.

LINUXr users who want to learn how to set up, program, and run a relational database, or experienced C programmers who need to learn about relational databases will benefit greatly from this book. Forbes and Butzen have put together a comprehensive and practical primer on relational databases, using LINUX.

Butzen and Forbes cover relational theory, database design, programming in structured query language (SQL), the architecture of database applications, and programming databases in C, ODBC, JDBC, Java, HTML/CGI, or the shell. If you want to turn your LINUX system into a productive database platform, you need the information and resources available in this guide. You'll find a broad, clear, and thorough introduction to database programming, as well as the tools you need to begin programming immediately.

This book covers:

  • Theory of relational databases as defined by Codd and Date
  • How to design a relational database, including normalization
  • Describes how to use SQL to build and manage relational databases
  • How to use open database connectivity (ODBC) and Java database connectivity (JDBC) tools under LINUX
  • How to build HTML/CGI and Java front-ends

The CD-ROM contains the Slackware LINUX operating system, the MSQL relational database package, and a version of Just Logic.


Using Linux
Title:Using Linux
Author(s):William Ball
Publisher:Macmillan Computer Publishing

Using Linux is designed to meet the reader's needs by focusing on the problems and concerns of the beginning to intermediate Linux user. It will help them manage and use their systems more effectively. Most books in this category are geared mostly toward installation and configuration, they have very little content which helps the user on a day-to-day basis. This book will give the reader the information the other books do have, in addition to what they leave out. The effective use of cross-references and index aliases found in the Using series makes it easy for the reader to find the information they need quickly, even when they are not sure what to look for. The author will be using Red Hat 5.0 Linux software as a base for this book. Red Hat Linux is the number one Linux system today. There is a need for a good beginner-intermediate book on the new 5.0 version of the software.