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Slackware Linux Unleashed new buy it
Imprint: QUE
Author: Tim Parker
Publication Date: Mar-97
ISBN: 0-672-31012-0

Introduction Part I Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Linux
Chapter 2: Types of Linux
Chapter 3: Installing Linux
Chapter 4: Booting Linux
Chapter 5: Special Installations
Part II Using Linux
Chapter 6: Getting Started
Chapter 7: Basic Commands
Chapter 8: File System
Chapter 9: GNU Project Utilities
Chapter 10: bash
Chapter 11: pdksh
Chapter 12: tcsh
Chapter 13: Shell Programming
Chapter 14: Communications Tools
Chapter 15: Using the Linux Documentation
Part III Editing, Typesetting, and More
Chapter 16: Text Editors
Chapter 17: groff
Chapter 18: geqn and gtbl
Chapter 19: TeX
Chapter 20: Printing
Chapter 21: Installing XFree86
Chapter 22: Configuring XFree86
Chapter 23: Using Motif
Chapter 24: OPEN LOOK and OpenWindows
Chapter 25: Ghostscript
Part V Linux for Programmers
Chapter 26: gawk
Chapter 27: Programming in C
Chapter 28: Programming in C++
Chapter 29: Perl
Chapter 30: Tcl and Tk
Chapter 31: Other Compilers
Chapter 32: ObjectBuilder
Chapter 33: Interviews
Chapter 34: Motif Programming
Chapter 35: XView Programming
Chapter 36: SmallTalk/X
Chapter 37: Mathematics on Linux
Part VI Linux for System Administrators
Chapter 38: System Administration Basics
Chapter 39: Devices
Chapter 40: Processes
Chapter 41: Users
Chapter 42: SCSI Devices
Chapter 43: Networking
Chapter 44: UUCP
Chapter 45: Mail and News
Chapter 46: Network Security
Part VII Setting Up an Internet Site
Chapter 47: Setting Up an Internet Site
Chapter 48: FTP and Anonymous FTP Sites
Chapter 49: Configuring a WAIS Site
Chapter 50: Setting Up a Gopher Service
Chapter 51: Setting Up WWW Services
Chapter 52: CGI Scripts
Chapter 53: HTML Programming Basics
Chapter 54: Java and JavaScript
Part VIII Advanced Programming Topics
Chapter 55: Source Code Control
Chapter 56: Working with the Kernel
Chapter 57: Device Drivers
Chapter 58: The Pseudo File System
Chapter 59: Network Programming
Chapter 60: Server Support for PEX
Chapter 61: Using Browsers
Part IX Applications
Chapter 62: DOSemu
Chapter 63: Wine
Chapter 64: HylaFAX
Chapter 65: Games
Chapter 66: Databases
Chapter 67: Cactus/Lone Star Utilities
Chapter 68: Useful Personal Tools in Linux
Chapter 69: Graphics Tools in Linux
Part X Appendixes
Appendix A FTP Sites and Newsgroups
Appendix B Commercial Vendors for Linux
Appendix C The Linux Documentation Project
Appendix D The GNU General Public License
Appendix E Copyright Information
Appendix F What's on the CD-ROM